At Your House of Worship

Love Skills For Couples and Families in Communities of Faith

NIRE 104A goal for all communities of Faith is helping individuals, couples and families put their FAITH into PRACTICE. Relationship Enhancement SKILLS OF LOVE will assist you as you strive to create healthier, long-term marriages and families in your congregation.

Pre-Marital (Dating, Engaged, or Newly Married)

In this world of exploding information, easy communication around the globe, and instant intimacy portrayed in the media, most people still yearn for that special someone with whom we share our lives – day to day and year to year. Yet they are fearful or skeptical that this special relationship is not sustainable over time.

We know through research on relationships that the ability to resolve differences constructively and in LOVE is crucial to sustaining a healthy relationship over time. However, it is sometimes hard to talk about differences because we are afraid we will break the connection, especially when the relationship is relatively new.. In fact, areas of difference present opportunities for personal and couple growth. Learning relationship skills TOGETHER give couples preparing for marriage a strong foundation to achieve a LIFETIME OF LOVE.

Married Couples

Couples begin their relationships with the best of intentions, with hope, with LOVE. Then they may discover they are not equipped to handle some of what life hands them. Or they find that differences in personalities or desires cause conflict. And sometimes these are differences that early in the relationship seemed manageable or not that important.

Relationship Enhancement teaches couples SKILLS to learn and grow TOGETHER – to live out that promise that they made to each
other. SKILLS will help accomplish three of the essentials for a healthy, long term, committed relationship.

  • talk about what is going well (appreciations)
  • identify areas of growth (differences)
  • resolve the differences constructively and creatively while maintaining connection

Relationship Enhancement® is designed to give couples and families SKILLS to make LOVE an everyday reality. Relationship Enhancement® skills-based program is:

EFFECTIVE – over 40 years of research on effectiveness confirms that individual and couple satisfaction are increased

PRACTICAL – you can apply in your home, your work, your extended family, your friends, and of course, with your most important LOVE

EXPERIENTIAL – training to learn how to coaching members of your congregation apply the skills to their relationships

INDIVIDUALIZED – coaches learn how to assist in the application of skills to participants unique relationship experiences

TESTED OVER TIME – couples and family members with skills and commitment to maintain a climate of appreciation, resolve conflicts constructively, and solve problems in a spirit of collaboration have longer-lasting, more satisfying marriages and healthier families

Relationship Enhancement skills are easily taught to clergy and volunteers in faith-based settings. The skills can be applied during pastoral care counseling sessions at home, in an office or in educational groups. NIRE periodically offers trainings at their Bethesda site and will schedule an on-site training with a community based or faith based organization. Community staff and leaders who participate in a 2 or 3 day training will be able to teach SKILLs of LOVE to individuals, couples, and family members in their congregation.

Staff at the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement have worked with communities of Faith around the country. Together, we will adapt the research tested curriculum to draw on and include your Faith’s practices and beliefs.

For information about arranging a Mastering the Mysteries of Love workshop for couples at your house of worship, or a training for clergy and/or lay ministry volunteers who wish to offer premarriage or marriage enrichment programs for your religious community, please contact NIRE at or 301-680-8977, or Joan Liversidge at or 240-678-3929.