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LOVE Skills for Couples in Community Settings

NIRE 15The couple relationship is the heart of a family. Many community based programs are working with families to help them be healthier and more stable. Para-professional and professional staff need strategies and approaches to help a couple reduce conflict, create a positive and effective co-parenting team, and build a future TOGETHER with LOVE in the center!

Couples you serve may not be married but may be dating or engaged. Or they may be in a committed relationship, living together, wondering about marriage, and some may have already become parents! You may also work with couples who are newly married or have been married for some time and are experiencing conflict and turmoil. Relationship Enhancement skills are helpful for couples in any of these situations. And, staff will feel more competent and effective if they have some specific strategies to offer.

Relationship Enhancement® skills are easily taught to staff and volunteers in community based settings. The skills can be applied during home visits, office visits, or in groups. NIRE periodically offers trainings at their Bethesda site and will schedule an on-site training with a community based organization. Community staff and leaders who participate in a 2 or 3 day training will be able to help couples address three essentials for a healthy, long term, committed relationship. The three essentials are the ability to:

  • talk about what is going well (appreciations)
  • identify areas of growth (differences)
  • resolve the differences constructively and creatively

Your staff will find that when your couples learn relationship skills TOGETHER they will be able to build a strong foundation to achieve a LIFETIME OF LOVE.

Relationship Enhancement® is a designed to give couples SKILLS to make their LOVE an everyday reality in their family. Relationship Enhancement® skills-based program is:

EFFECTIVE – over 40 years of research on effectiveness confirms that individual and couple satisfaction are increased

PRACTICAL – you can apply directly with the families you work with and in your own home, with your co-workers, extended family, and friends

EXPERIENTIAL – you will learn how to coach your families in applying the skills to their relationship in everyday life

INDIVIDUALIZED – you will learn how to apply the skills to the unique experiences of your families

TESTED OVER TIME – couples with skills and commitment to maintain a climate of appreciation, resolve conflicts constructively, and solve problems in a spirit of collaboration have longer-lasting, more satisfying marriages.

Staff at the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement® will demonstrate and guide you through your own learning of skills while using effective teaching methods designed for maximum learning. You will be able to utilize these same teaching methods for the couples you serve. The goal is to help your couples apply SKILLS OF LOVE in their relationships to strengthen their family.

Relationship Enhancement® skills are taught by licensed mental health professionals and certified program leaders in an educational/training setting. Continuing Education credits are available for those who need these for professional licensure or certification.

Program Leader Training
A 2 day program* to learn the skills, learn effective methods of teaching SKILLS of LOVE, adapt the program to your setting and population, and opportunities for ongoing support and learning.

Part I

Listening for Understanding
Expression or Effective speaking
Problem solving
Managing Conflict Effectively

Part II

Teaching Skills of Love
Coaching to learn skills
Adapting training to your families
Support and ongoing learning

* The three day program covers all ten Relationship Enhancement® skills in the Mastering the Mysteries of Love curriculum.

Location, Cost and Registration

Training sessions are offered two times a year (see leader training schedule ) at 4400 East-West Highway, Suite 24, Bethesda, Maryland – conveniently located near the Bethesda Metro station and offering free parking in the building’s garage. Each session will be from 9-5 with snacks provided and lunch on your own in one of the many restaurants or cafes in downtown Bethesda.

Two day training sessions are $225 per person, which includes a workbook and Program Leader Training Manual from the Mastering the Mysteries of Love Relationship Enhancement® Program.  The fee for a spouse is $150.

Registration for the training can be accomplished by contacting Laura Landi at or 301-680-8977. We accept credit cards over the phone to confirm your registration.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love RE Program Leadership Training

Cost: $225.00 ($150 for spouse)

Date Location City/State Workshop Leader
April 15-16, 2011 NIRE Bethesda, MD J. Liversidge, M.S., LCMFT
Description of Mastering the Magic of Love Program Leadership Training