Art of Empathy

NIRE 69The Art of Deep Empathy: “Become” Your Clients

To Help Them Speak What They Can’t Say

and Feel What They Aren’t Feeling

Overview: One-Day workshop description. This workshop can also be presented in a 1 or 2 hour, or half-day format.

Empathy is one of the therapist’s most important – and sometimes most taken-for-granted – therapeutic tools. Yet, it often is misunderstood, both conceptually and in terms of application and technique. This workshop will clarify what empathy is (and isn’t), how to achieve a deep empathic connection, and the two distinct modes of verbally empathizing: the conventional “You” mode and the more specialized “Identification” mode. It will also demonstrate special applications of empathy to deepen the therapeutic process with couples and families, such as becoming and troubleshooting, as well as effective strategies for teaching and demonstrating empathy to clients. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the specialized Identification Mode of empathy. This workshop is designed for both beginning and seasoned clinicians.

Objectives: Participants will learn: (1) how to conceptualize empathy with clarity; (2) the differences between and how/when to use the two different modes of verbal empathy; (3) how and when to use specialized applications of empathy such as “Becoming” and “Troubleshooting” to better manage the clinical process; (4) how to effectively teach empathy skills to clients.

Learning Methods: Lecture, live demonstration, video, discussion and role-play practice.