Couple Therapy


Relationship Enhancement Therapy:

Couple Therapy to Transform Relationships

Overview: One-Day workshop description. This workshop can also be presented in a 1 or 2 hour, or half-day format.

For information on a full-scale 2 or 3 day on-site training in Relationship Enhancement® Couple and Family please check the description under Professional Training, Supervision and Certification Programs.

Relationship Enhancement® (RE) Therapy is a brief therapy model that employs an innovative skills-training methodology for empowering even the most distressed couples/families to resolve current and future problems on their own. It accomplishes this by teaching a set of practical skills that enables couples and families to uncover their deepest feelings and concerns and to create solutions to problems at their deepest levels. An additional strength of RE Therapy is that it equalizes power within relationships, both between genders and across generations.

RE Therapy is supported by thirty-five years of research that validates its clinical effectiveness at improving relationships. In addition to introducing the theory and methodology underlying the RE model, this workshop will demonstrate how the RE therapy process is used in clinical practice via videotaped therapy sessions and a live role-played demonstration. This workshop is designed for both beginning and seasoned clinicians.

Objectives: Participants will learn: (1) the theory and methodology of RE Therapy; (2) how to structure an intake interview so as to minimize in-session conflict; (3) how and when to use unique RE therapist techniques, such as “Becoming,” “Laundering” and “Troubleshooting,” to manage the clinical process; (4) how to overcome power imbalances between family members.

Learning Methods: Lecture, live demonstration, video, discussion and role-play practice.