Filial Therapy

Filial Therapy:

A Family Approach to Play Therapy

NIRE 156Overview: One-Day workshop description. This workshop can also be presented in a 1 or 2 hour, or half-day version.

For information on a full-scale 2 or 3 day on-site training in Filial Family Therapy for Children [create link] please check the description under Professional Training, Supervision and Certification Programs.

Filial Therapy (FT) is founded on the principle of enlisting parents to become active participants in the therapeutic process to help their child(ren). FT has years of solid empirical support for its effectiveness in reducing parent/child relationship problems and in bringing about positive change in children’s presenting emotional and behavioral disorders. Parenting problems can also be addressed successfully with this method.

Developed by Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney as an extension of Axline’s Rogerian-based play therapy model, FT involves parents leading child-centered play sessions with their child(ren) under the training and supervision of the professional therapist – first in session and then at home. The empowerment of parents through this supportive involvement allows them to acquire new parenting skills and personal strengths while their children benefit from the enhanced parent/child relationship and their own enhanced sense of self and ability to regulate their behavior.

Objectives: Participants will learn: (1) the rationale and empirical evidence supporting FT; (2) appropriate applications of the method; (3) a basic understanding of the child-centered play method taught to parents; (4) intake and selection procedures for parents and children; (5) the five stages of FT, including the termination process.

Learning Methods: Lecture, discussion, videotaped FT sessions.