Play Therapy

Child-Centered Play Therapy:

Letting the Kids Do All the Work

MO 15Overview: One-Day workshop description. This workshop can also be presented in a 1 or 2 hour, or half-day format.

For information on a full-scale 2 or 3 day on-site training in Child-Centered Play Therapy [create link] please check the description under Professional Training, Supervision and Certification Programs.

Child-Centered Play Therapy is the method of play therapy developed by Virginia Axline, an associate of Carl Rogers. It follows the Client-Centered principle of creating a non-judgmental, emotionally supportive therapeutic atmosphere while also providing clear boundaries that encourage the child to learn emotional and behavioral self-regulation. Research has validated this to be a powerful method for decreasing a wide range of child emotional problems as well as for building self-esteem and more mature, pro-social behaviors. CCPT is based on eight clear-cut principles applied in a systematic way that equip the therapist with a method uniquely capable of handling the many challenges of playing therapeutically with children and achieving predictably positive results. This workshop is recommended for both beginning and seasoned clinicians, school counselors and child-welfare personnel.

Objectives: Participants will learn: (1) the theory and methodology of CCPT; (2) how to quickly establish rapport and a strong therapeutic relationship; (3) how to create the recommended therapeutic atmosphere; (4) how to facilitate the child’s mastery of thoughts and feelings to help eliminate symptomatic behaviors; and (5) how to set and enforce limits in an effective and therapeutic way.

Learning Methods: Lecture, discussion, videotaped play sessions.