Talking & Listening

Helping People Listen Empathically, Helping People Speak Respectfully:

Two Skills to Change Communication Patterns

NIRE 42Overview: Half-Day workshop description. This workshop can also be presented in a 1 or 2 hour format, with the emphasis being on helping people listening empathically and showing understanding.

People’s typical communication patterns unfortunately often tie them up in knots that prevent them from understanding one another because they get caught up in how each person is (or is not) speaking or listening. In the process, the content gets lost sight in the shuffle, and both people (or all parties) walk away frustrated, or worse.

By helping people learn time-tested and empirically proven skills to improve their communication patterns, they can experience the satisfaction of speaking and being spoken to respectfully as well as the appreciation of understanding and being understood by the other person.

In this workshop you will be introduced to what the Relationship Enhancement® approach refers to as the skill of Empathy or Showing Understanding and the skill of Expression. The basics of each skill will be introduced along with illustrative examples. There will also be a live demonstration of the Empathy skill as well as an opportunity for the group to practice this most important skill of effective communication.

Objectives: Participants will learn: (1) how to be a more effective and respectful speaker; (2) how to be a more patient and non-judgmental listener; and (3) how to show understanding so that the other person can feel understood by you.

Learning Methods: Lecture, live demonstration, role-play practice and discussion.