Certification Programs

Attending a workshop is just the beginning of using what you learned to benefit your clients and your own professional development.  For over 25 years NIRE has provided post-workshop supervision and certification.  We strongly encourage each person who has ever learned RE, Filial, or Child-Centered Play to consider adding that special touch that will enable you to master the nuances of these methods.

Each certification program at NIRE is staffed by top people in the field.  As you work individually (or occasionally in groups) from audio or video with your supervisor, you will receive the special attention and focused advice that distinguishes the masters from the beginners.

The three certification programs currently offered are each described individually:

Certification in Relationship Enhancement Therapy

Certification in Child-Centered Play Therapy

Certification in Filial Therapy

If you would like to enroll in one of these programs, please download and fill out the

Application for Supervision and Certification Programs