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Family Therapy With Young Children: The Filial Family Play Therapy Model
MO 21For over 25 years, NIRE has been training mental health professionals in an approach to family therapy with young children known as the Filial Family Play Therapy Model. The Filial Family Play Therapy model was developed by Bernard Guerney, Jr., Ph.D. and Louise Guerney, Ph.D. and involves parents in conducting play therapy sessions with their own children following initial training and with on-going supervision by a mental health professional. This innovative and effective child and family therapy has been developed, refined, and well researched over the past 30 years. NIRE is the leading national training center for Filial Family Play Therapy and provides skills training workshops, supervision, and certification in the Filial Family Play Therapy model. NIRE is fortunate to have both Dr. Bernard Guerney and Dr. Louise Guerney as members of its training staff and faculty.
The Filial Family Play Therapy Model
Filial Family Play Therapy (FFPT), also known as Child Relationship Enhancement® Family Therapy, represents an extension of the principles of the Child-Centered Play Therapy Model to the entire family unit. FFPT is designed for instances where children between ages 2 and 12 present with problems where inclusion of their parent(s) would be advantageous. Essentially, parents are systematically trained to conduct therapeutic play sessions with their children and receive on-going supervision and support from the FFPT-trained professional to reach four goals:
  1. to reduce child symptoms
  2. to enhance the parent-child relationship
  3. to improve child competence and self-esteem
  4. to improve parenting skills.
Supported by a wealth of research, FFPT has been empirically demonstrated to be a highly effective approach and has demonstrated the attainment of goals for both children and parents across a wide variety of problems from parent-child relationship enhancement in divorce situations to parental abuse of children. Short (10 week) and longer formats with individual parents and their child(ren), or couples and groups of unrelated parents can be used.
Filial Family Therapy:
Training Parents to Utilize Play Therapy with their Own Children
Individuals wishing to attend this workshop must first register through the link under Registration Forms.
The purpose of this two-day training program is to provide participants who have had previous training in Child-Centered Play Therapy with a comprehensive introduction to the Filial Family Play Therapy Model and to teach participants the principles and techniques for conducting all aspects of Filial Family Play Therapy (FFPT), from intake through termination. The workshop emphasizes the building of participants’ therapeutic skills through the use of lecture, video examples, and supervised skills training. Participants will practice via role-plays the methods of training, supervising, and supporting parents as they learn to conduct therapeutic play sessions with their children. Attention will also be given to the specifics of organizing and initiating FFPT in participants’ own settings.
The ratio of participants to workshop leader(s) is kept small so as to ensure ample opportunity for skills training and individual supervision.
Completion of this workshop is a prerequisite for application to NIRE’s:

Certification Program in Filial Family Play Therapy

Workshop Objectives
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the five major goals of Filial Play Therapy
  • Describe the inclusionary and exclusionary criteria relating to both children and parents when utilizing Filial Play Therapy
  • Describe the steps and activities associated with the basic skills training phase of the Filial Play Therapy process
  • Apply the 4-step parent feedback process used in supervising parents’ play sessions with their own children
  • Compare the commonalities and differences between individual family, small group, and large group formats of Filial Play Therapy
  • History, development and supporting research for FFPT
  • Rationale, methods and principles of FFPT
  • Deciding for whom FFPT is appropriate
  • Intake procedures and structuring for FFPT
  • Sequences and stages of FFPT
  • Teaching parents play therapy skills and supervising parent/child sessions
  • Addressing common problems parents encounter in home play sessions
  • Video tapes of parents playing at various therapy stages; discussion of tapes
  • Individual versus group formats and brief (10 sessions) versus longer formats
  • Adaptations for special populations
  • Termination issues
  • Transferring FFPT to participants’ settings
A two-day training workshop in Child-Centered Play Therapy (or its equivalent in course work) offered by IDEALS, NIRE, Penn State, Guerney, Nordling, North Texas State, Landreth, Andronico, Ginsburg, Lay, Levinger, Norton, Sywulak, VanFleet, or someone else who uses, as a strict guide, writings by Axline, Moustakas, Ginott or by the people listed above. Otherwise, it is recommended that those interested in this workshop first take a two-day workshop in Child-Centered Play Therapy.
CE Information
13 hours of CE credits are provided to psychologists, social workers, counselors, and play therapists. For further information, see Continuing Education Information.
William Nordling, Ph.D.
On-Site Training Opportunities
This and all other NIRE professional training workshops can be offered on-site and tailored to meet your organization’s or group’s distinctive needs. For more information on this potentially cost-saving alternative, please see

On-Site Training

Schedule, Cost and Registration Information
Please check our Professional Training Schedule for the dates of current year workshop offerings.
Cost of the FFT Workshop is $295.
A discount of $25 is available for each person attending from the same site and registering together.
Please see the Professional Training Schedule for information on additional discounts.
The workshop meets from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Lunch is on your own.
To Register: Go to Registration Forms, or
3914 Kincaid Terrace
Kensington, MD 20895-1519
If you register by fax or mail, please include your name, address, home and work phone numbers, and the dates for which you are registering.
Payment may be made either by check or credit card. Registrations by fax must be accompanied by a credit card number.
If payment is made with a credit card number, please write your name exactly as it appears on the card, the expiration date and your signature. Please include the zip code associated with the credit card.
Additional Training Opportunities
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