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Parenting Skills Program
shutterstock_1967957For over three decades the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement has been training mental professionals and paraprofessionals to lead parenting skills groups and/or to integrate parent skills training into their individual and family counseling. Although there are numerous parenting programs available for use by professionals, few of these programs offer comprehensive training in parenting group leadership skills. The purpose of the Parenting Skills Program Leadership Workshop is to provide participants with helpful knowledge and the acquirement of practical skills for working effectively with parents individually or in groups. Regardless of which parenting program you use, this is a workshop which can enhance your effectiveness. If you do not currently use a specific parenting skill program, this program will prepare you to use Parenting: A Skills Training Program developed by Louise Guerney, Ph.D.

Parenting: A Skills Training Program
Parenting: A Skills Training Program is a parent education program developed by Louise Guerney, Ph.D. It has been used extensively for over 20 years. Considerable research provides empirical support validating its efficacy. Two broad categories of parent-child communication and child management skills are covered. Classes emphasize skills training and practice but also include exploring realistic expectations, discussion and support for parents. Nine different manuals for applications with parents of pre-adolescents, adolescents, foster children and pre-schoolers are available, as well as three parallel manuals for parent education program leaders. Parents’ manuals are written at a 6th grade reading level, but are sophisticated enough for highly educated participants, resulting in a genuinely versatile program.

Parenting Skills Program Leadership Training Workshop
The purpose of this two-day skills training workshop is to provide the beginning parent trainer, or enrich the experienced parent trainer, with the generic leadership skills required to conduct effective parent education programs. This workshop will also benefit clinicians who desire a compact orientation package that will increase their ability to deal with parenting issues in their individual clinical work with children and families.
On-Site Training Opportunities
Parenting Skills Training workshops are now available solely on an on-site basis.
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