Stepfamily Program

NIRE 163Presented by Nancy Landrum, M Psy

Author of

Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies:  A Relationship Enhancement Program for Success

and  How to Stay Married and Love It: Solving the Puzzle of the SoulMate Marriage

When Jim and Nancy Landrum formed a stepfamily, they had no idea of the struggles and learning curves ahead.  From their experience and Nancy’s great writing/teaching ability have come some wonderful ways to help the stepfamilies you work with.  Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies combines the best of research information on stepfamily success with the 10 Relationship Enhancement® skills.

At the end of this 2 day workshop you will be able to:

  • Use scenarios, experiential activities, factual information, and processing to give stepfamilies realistic expectations and solutions for stepfamily life
  • Use Relationship Enhancement® skills to enable stepfamily couples to get deeply enough connected that they can find solutions to problems
  • Implement Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies as individual instruction for couples, as a class at your church or agency, or as a part of couple/family therapy

Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies uses the new Mastering the Mysteries of Love RE format for teaching RE, used by over 14,000 couples in the past two years.  If you have been wanting to catch up on the new MML method, this would be a wonderful way to do it.  Nancy is NIRE’s special guest from California.  This is a ONE TIME offer.  She’s a phenomenal presenter.

NOTE:  Knowledge of Relationship Enhancement® as a therapy or program is required for this workshop.  Nancy will assume you already know the RE skills on Friday morning.  If you do not know the RE skills, attend the Mastering the Mysteries of Love workshop with Joan Liversidge on October 2 & 3.

Location, Registration and CE Information

4400 East West Highway, Bethesda, Maryland
9 am to 5 pm, Friday and Saturday, October 2 and 3, 2009

To Register: or 301-680-8977  Costs:  $225 per person includes 13 CE, participant book, leader’s guide, powerpoint, snacks, and certificate.  $150 spouse discount (one leader’s guide per couple).

Additional information:

Stepfamilies have multiple times more stresses on their well-being than first families. Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies is a one-stop shopping place for skills and guidelines that will support stepfamily couples in building and maintaining a strong, loving marriage and successful step-relationships.

First marriage failures are high, but second and subsequent marriages have an even higher failure rate largely due to the added complexity of issues that need to be successfully resolved in a stepfamily.  Without good communication and problem solving skills as well as realistic expectations and guidelines regarding stepfamily life, there is little hope for a happy marriage or well-adjusted children.  Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies delivers instruction in the use of research validated communication and conflict resolution skills as well as education about recommended guidelines for navigating the complexity of stepfamily dynamics. Its 20 hours of class time includes a variety of teaching methods, exercises, games and practices that keep couples engaged in the learning process.

The lead author, Nancy Landrum, brings to the curriculum and the training her personal experience with the power of learning new skills to heal a broken marriage.  In addition, she and her late husband Jim had to discover the guidelines for a workable stepfamily through their own painful mistakes.

From the first few minutes of training you will be learning how to create a safe environment for couples who often come to class highly stressed and defensive.  As with the class experience, the training uses a variety of learning modalities to make preparing to teach interesting, fun and simple.

At least one day’s prior training in Relationship Enhancement required.

Stepfamily Mysteries That Will be Covered:

  1. How do we build a strong and loving marriage?
  2. How do I help my child feel secure?
  3. How do I build a good relationship with my step-child?
  4. How do we create safe and comfortable stepfamily boundaries?
  5. How do we discipline effectively?
  6. How do I manage a workable relationship with my “Ex”?
  7. How do I support my child’s relationship with the other bio-parent?
  8. How do we choose between our different traditions?
  9. How do we maintain and protect our strong, loving marriage and stepfamily?
  10. How do we know if we need more help? And where do we go to get it?

How will I Learn to Teach This Program?

  1. By seeing the information modeled.
  2. By practice teaching in triads.
  3. By becoming familiar with using the Leader’s Guide.
  4. By seeing how the new stepfamily information and the familiar MML skills program are integrated.
  5. By enjoying the easy methods by which the stepfamily guidelines are delivered.
  6. By participating in group discussions.
  7. By volunteering to assist, coach and/or co-lead at the next MMS class in your area.

Workshop Presenter/Lead Author: Nancy Landrum, MPsy, 714-282-1832,