Services for Individuals, Couples and Families

NIRE 5Relationships are our sources of greatest joy…and greatest sorrow.  There is nothing more precious, more valuable.  How do you nurture and enhance relationships?

More than forty years ago, Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney asked that question.  They spent their lives researching to find the answers.  As a result, they left the body of knowledge known as Relationship Enhancement.

Relationship Enhancement was first a program to teach relationship skills.  It became a therapy. a means to enhance work relationships, and even a way to live a skilled, fulfilling life.

The National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, founded by Dr. Guerney in 1993 is a national center for training in Relationship Enhancement Methods.  It offers the best of courses and programs for couples, engaged couples, stepfamilies, and singles who want to enhance their relationships.

NIRE also offers individual, child, couple, and family therapy–founded on Relationship Enhancement methods.  The program and counseling services described below are the best that suburban Washington, DC has to offer.