Counseling Services

shutterstock_10556437When you face a family or personal crisis and seek help, it is important to choose help which is genuinely helpful.

At the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, our counseling services have a history of 40 years of research demonstrating effectiveness.  Our counseling is based on the work of Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney.  Their research and writing since the 1960s developed and refined the Relationship Enhancement Methods (RE) which are used at NIRE.

Whether you are looking for help as a couple, parent, family, or individual, we are able to offer the best methods provided by a staff who are national trainers and leaders in the areas of marriage and family.

We also have combinations of services for stepfamilies, singles, and engaged couples.  Please browse around our website to discover how we work and the research basis for what we do.

We welcome your phone call to ask questions at 301-680-8977 or email inquiries at