Gift Certificates

NIRE 31Gift Certificate

Give a couple you love a Gift Certificate that will help their love last forever.  A Gift Certificate can be used for any weekend program–Mastering the Mysteries of Love or the Couples’ Relationship Enhancement® Weekend.

You can give this Gift Certificate to:

* Your engaged or married adult children

* Your parents or other relatives

* Couples you care about deeply

A Gift Certificate to either program could make a great gift!

* Engagement gift

* Wedding gift

* Anniversary gift

* New baby gift

* Simply an “I Care” gift

Formally printed Gift Certificate

The couple will receive a formally printed Gift Certificate, and will include your name(s) as the giver of the gift as well as information about how to redeem the Gift Certificate.

How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing a Gift Certificate to either the Mastering the Mysteries of Love Program or the Couples’ Relationship Enhancement® Weekend, please call 301-680-8977.

The cost of the Gift Certificate for either program is $450 per couple.