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Couples Counseling – Learn Skills for a Lifetime of Love!!

NIRE 52“We made a promise – to love each other through good times and difficult times. Now we are finding how hard this really is. We need help to maintain this promise.”

“We have a mostly good relationship but we have been running into areas that could be problems in the future. We would like to make this relationship better. Maybe if we learned how to solve problems before they get to big it would help.”

“We are at the end of our rope. We can’t continue on like this. We need to do something different – SOON – or it will be too late for us. The children deserve that and so do we.”

We start out our relationship with the best of intentions, with hope, with LOVE. Then we discover that we are not equipped to handle some of what life hands us. Or we find that differences in our personalities or our desires cause conflict. And sometimes these are differences that early in our relationship seemed manageable or not that important.

Relationship Enhancement® teaches you SKILLS to learn and grow TOGETHER – to live out that promise that you made to each other.   LOVE SKILLS will help you realize three of the essentials for a healthy, long term, committed relationship.  They are the ability to:

  • talk about what is going well (appreciations)
  • identify areas of growth (differences)
  • resolve the differences constructively and creatively while maintaining connection

Relationship Enhancement® skills will help you heal hurts and reconnect with the joy and love with each other and the relationship. Learning relationship skills TOGETHER gives us a strong foundation to achieve a LIFETIME OF LOVE.

Relationship Enhancement® is designed to give you SKILLS to make your LOVE an everyday reality or to rediscover love that seems lost. Relationship Enhancement® skills-based program is:

EFFECTIVE – Over 40 years of research on effectiveness confirms that individual and couple satisfaction are increased.

PRACTICAL – You will learn the skills with your most important relationship and from there you can apply in your home, your work, your extended family, or your friends.

EXPERIENTIAL – Licensed mental health professionals will coach you to apply the skills to your relationship.

INDIVIDUALIZED – Counselors specifically trained in working with couples will help you apply the skills to your unique experiences and provide additional information and strategies that will help you realize your goals.

TESTED OVER TIME – Couples with skills are able to maintain a climate of appreciation, resolve conflicts constructively, and solve problems in a spirit of collaboration and, as a result, will have longer-lasting, more satisfying marriages.

Staff at the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement® will demonstrate and guide you through applying SKILLS OF LOVE to your relationship. With these skills you can respectfully and lovingly address questions of commitment, solve problems while maintaining respect and caring,  and increase the positives in your relationship.

Relationship Enhancement® Counseling is done by seasoned, licensed mental health professionals. You have the option of learning Relationship Enhancement® skills in group or private sessions with or without a computerized, on-line inventory.

Workshops for Couples

A 1 or 2 day program to learn the skills, apply them to your relationship with coaching from mental health professionals, and practice sessions to do at home, in between the sessions and after completion.

Day 1

Listening for Understanding
Expression or Effective speaking
Problem solving
Ten Things you can do to have a Healthy Marriage


Day 2

Managing Conflict Effectively
Coaching and Deepening Dialogues
Change and Growth – Yesterday, Today, and tomorrow
Maintaining – keeping on with the Skills of Love


Private Sessions/Marathon Sessions

Couple counseling is done either in one hour sessions or sessions lasting 1.5 hours or more (see marathohn sessions below) if mutually agreeable. An initial session is scheduled where you will learn about the program and your counselor will learn about each of you and your relationship. After the initial session, you will decide together how to proceed. Fees are based on family income and number of dependents and will be discussed in the initial session. In some cases, insurance reimbursement is possible. NIRE staff will provide the necessary documentation to apply for reimbursement from your insurance company.  

“Marathon” counseling services, available in an intensive multi-hour format, are  for couples who are in crisis and need to resolve serious issues quickly, as well as in cases in which couples are traveling from a great distance or cannot attend counseling sessions on a regular basis.   Scheduling of “marathon” counseling sessions is flexible with weekend scheduling possible.


A relationship inventory can illuminate areas of strength and growth to help couples “see” their relationship with new eyes. Couples who want to keep their relationship strong and healthy will periodically assess the “state of their relationship”.   NIRE staff use couple inventories from Life Innovations ( to assist couples to identify relationship strengths and areas of growth. Information on personality styles and extended family relationships is also included in the couple report.   An inventory can help guide your application of skills during either group or private sessions.

Support and Nurture Your Relationship with Others

NIRE is exploring a partnership with the Washington Area Chapter of Building Better Marriages formerly known as The Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment Building Better Marriages coordinates and sponsors ongoing groups for couples in the Washington Area where you can practice your newly learned skills with support of other committed couples. 

Location, Cost and Registration

Workshops for couples (see schedule for Love Skills for Couples) are offered each month at 4400 East-West Highway, Suite 24, Bethesda, Maryland – conveniently located near the Bethesda Metro station and offering free parking in the building’s garage. Each session will be from 9-5 with snacks provided and lunch on your own in one of the many restaurants or cafes in downtown Bethesda.

Cost for the full weekend is $450 per couple.  Workshops are available in separate days; Day 1 is $250; Day 2 is $200.  Two workbooks from the Mastering the Mysteries of Love Relationship Enhancement® Program are also included. 

Registration for the workshops for couples or request for private counseling can be accomplished by contacting Laura Landi at  301-680-8977 or     We accept credit cards over the phone to confirm your workshop registration