Mastering the Mysteries of Love Program

NIRE 61Is love sometimes a mystery to you?

What makes love last?

What makes it deepen over time?

What keeps it fresh and new?

The 10 Relationship Enhancement Skills can help you solve the mysteries of relationships.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love, a new version of Relationship Enhancement, has been taught to over 14,000 couples around the nation since it was first introduced in 2008.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love combines skills training in Bernard Guerney’s Relationship Enhancement® Program with video, powerpoint, experiential activities, and individual coached couple dialogues in a program that is both fun and transformative.

Day One focuses on enhancing the bonds between the two of you–

  • Recognizing you have two perspectives–and that’s OK
  • Listening beyond what is said to deep feelings, concerns, and desires
  • Enhancing how you talk about important topics, so you express all that is in your heart and on your mind–in a way that maximizes your mate’s willingness to cooperate
  • Finding ways to make time for each other
  • Dialoguing in a way that  facilitates shared meaning and opens the way for creative solutions
  • Finding ways to solve problems so everybody gets the core of what is most important

Day Two adds:

  • Time to talk through and solve at least one more additional topic
  • Ways to keep yourselves in “skill” when conflict pops up unexpectedly
  • Ways to manage conflict and strong emotions
  • How to deepen any conversation to build intimacy
  • How to follow through on changes–so problems are really solved
  • How to trade in nagging for supporting each other’s changes
  • How to practice habits that maintain your relationship through the years.

You will also learn how to extend the benefits of the weekend through our special services for engaged and newly wed couples and for stepfamilies.

See upcoming dates below.  Like all Love Skills Weekends for Couples at NIRE, cost is $450 per couple.  Classes meet 9-5 on Saturday, 9-4 on Sunday.

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Skills for a Lifetime of Love!

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