Relationship Enhancement® Program

Classic Relationship Enhancement Program
The Relationship Enhancement® Program has been identified by an AAMFT award-winning Purdue University study to be the most effective of twelve comparable marriage enrichment programs at improving relationships.
Thirty five years of research on the Relationship Enhancement® Model validates the Effectiveness of the Relationship Enhancement® Model for premarital, marital and family enrichment, as well as for problem-prevention.

The skills you and your partner learn will help you:

  • establish a constructive, cooperative atmosphere for resolving difficult relationship issues
  • foster increased openness and trust
  • reduce defensiveness, anger and withdrawal
  • express your deepest feelings, concerns and desires openly, honestly and safely
  • nurture deepened caring and compassion
  • increase love and affection
  • create solutions to conflicts at their deepest levels
  • successfully implement agreed-to solutions and behavioral changes
The Couples Relationship Enhancement® Weekend has been written up numerous times in the popular media. Copies of the best articles are included in a program packet that can be obtained by calling NIRE at 301-680-8977.
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